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Hand painted canvas shoes make paint

Acrylic paint drawing: acrylic paint is a synthetic latex agent (containing acrylate, methyl acrylate, acrylic acid, methacrylic acid, thickening agent, filler, etc.) new painting pigment and color particle mixture. Acrylic paint appeared in 1960s, tests show that it has many features superior to other pigments: after drying for flexible film, abrasion resistance, water resistance, corrosion resistance, anti aging, do not fade, do not degenerate off, after a good painting picture not reflective, easy to wash, suitable for indoor and outdoor murals and easel painting etc.. It can be a layer of repeated stack, draw a heavy feeling; it can be added to the powder and the amount of water, with a similar painting gouache overlay, screen level rich and bright; such as a large number of water added in the paint can be a watercolor painting, a layer of shading effect, pushing through the stack, dizzy, the effect of pure and transparent. The main relief acrylic paint high water content, so easy to absorb water on the bottom surface of the rough painting is more suitable, such as cardboard, cloth, wood, fiber board, cement wall, ramie wool texture of the metal surface, stone etc.. For acrylic painting can use general painting brush, painting brush, knife, China paintbrush, brush, sponge, loofah etc.. Is multi-purpose palette and non absorbent ceramics, glass, enamel of the container to prevent cleaning. Acrylic paint dries out after evaporation of water, so when painting, you should know the procedure well so that the brush can be connected naturally to achieve the desired effect
Textile pigments: Textile pigments used especially in fibers, fabrics, screen printing. Painting on hand painted clothing has some disadvantages: use special conditioning agents, mix paint, use iron to heat, bake at high temperature. Textile pigment adhesion is relatively small, improper operation, easy to fade. Used for hand-painted painting process trouble, relatively time-consuming and arduous.

Hand painted canvas shoes making process

Designed in advance, the beginner can draw the draft on the cloth shoes with a pencil and pay attention to the overall layout of the pattern. For beginners, should first practice on paper, you can prepare a pattern first to paper, satisfaction, and then to the shoes.
Draw the lines of the pattern with your brush. Be careful when you hook. Don’t go wrong. (in this step, you can use some additional tools to improve production efficiency and line accuracy.)
With waterproof, non fading paint, paint on the pattern, the color can be added a little water, make the depth of mixing. In this step, the control of moisture is important to avoid color change. When color, pay attention to, when the color is not dry, be careful to touch the vamp, causing the mess of the picture. )
According to the design painted different colors, but also can make color overlapping effect.
And then tick the edge, after the color, once again the pattern of the edge of the hook out, there will be a clear pattern.
Pattern setting treatment.
Put it in a cool place until it is dried or dried by electric hair dryer.

How do you like canvas shoes?

Canvas shoes are the representatives of leisure wind, and high canvas shoes are becoming the favourite of fashion world. The fashionable men and women’s creative ideas for the high canvas shoes are endless. So, how does high canvas shoe match good-looking? What are the classic all-match high canvas shoes to help? This small series for everyone to introduce high canvas shoes collocation skills, and recommend some popular high help canvas shoes brand for your choice, take a look at it.
How do you like canvas shoes?
The design of high canvas shoes comes from the use of military boots. The neck shoes that are higher than the legs can better cover the legs, and modify more leg lines. But very high canvas shoes to help pick people, legs should be long enough to wear thin bone is straight enough, otherwise it would be self defeating. High canvas shoes collocation skills are as follows:
Canvas shoes with high help
Canvas shoes with high help
Collocation skills 1
Collocation skills 2
Collocation skills 3
Collocation skills 4
Collocation skills 1: high canvas shoes + jeans
High top sneaker collocation jeans, is a combination of the most common collocation, be sure to choose pants smaller or straight skinny jeans, in order to give up high for canvas shoes, pants too much if the shoe is covered completely, thick legs small feet, they don’t look good.
Collocation skills 2: high canvas shoes + casual pants
High canvas shoes with casual pants, but also a more common form of collocation, but the best color of trousers, shoes and not too close to the color, will feel no focus. If love can be dark, with grey, brown, dark purple; if love light, can be equipped with a pair of khaki, beige, light blue etc..
Collocation skills 3: high canvas shoes + skirt
A pair of canvas shoes with short skirts or dresses, such a seemingly contradictory combination, will have unexpected results. A charming, sweet and elegant dress skirt, with high canvas shoes to help the other guide back to neutral, lively line, affinity with the accompanying canvas shoes with its own, will make sense of a contradiction is the coordination of beauty.
Collocation skills 1: high canvas shoes + tights
High canvas shoes with tights, is quite a kind of suction eye, wear a way to make the girls are very thin, the body curve perfectly displayed. Collocation is the classical high white canvas shoes to help with black stockings or tights, and can make the girls look youthful and lively and charming with a.
High canvas shoes
Casual pants
Panty hose
Global High canvas shoes, men and women lovers, single shoes, flat Korean style breathable casual shoes
Rebecca Ergao flat shoes casual shoes to help Korean tide breathable canvas shoes
CONVERSE Chuck Taylor All Star II lace up high canvas shoes
CONVERSE canvas shoes, classic canvas shoes, casual shoes
Levi’s Levi’s classic five bags series men 511 slim slim jeans 00511-1234
Lee Mens 2017 spring summer new retro washed long sleeved denim shirt, male L26953R494ZD
ESEY Homme slim jeans slim pencil pants feet
ONLY 2017 fall cotton fabric, foot nine points, jeans, female |117249523
JEANSWEST Knit Shorts, plain slacks, summer pants
GXG Mens 2017 new summer fashion men’s casual pants knitted stripes upon movement
Giordano men’s trousers in the waist SLIM STRAIGHT legged comfortable micro bomb
JEANSWEST men’s pants stretch pants
Peacebird women’s 2017 summer new white cowboy suspenders skirt short sleeveless denim skirt.
ONLY large pockets of loose dress embroidery level split design
Etam Weekend 2017 summer sweet new striped short sleeved T-shirt dress female 17022811740
2017 summer tea slim package hip lace skirt slim lace dress two piece
Langsha 10 pairs of silk stockings pantyhose anti snag women slim black color
Mona stockings 6 pack sexy ultra-thin pantyhose anti hook silk stocking
Bonas slim fish mouth socks, sexy stockings, pantyhose, T files, 5 pairs
Nell installed 3 sunscreen anti hook silk stockings core spun silk 12D plus crotch pantyhose
The classic all-match high canvas shoes to help
The market for high canvas shoes styles and many brands, but very classic and all-match is less and less. So, what are the classic all-match high canvas shoes to help the brand? In addition to the well-known world brand, there are many domestic brands of canvas shoes called classic.

What brand of canvas shoes?

Ten big canvas shoes brand list, canvas shoes what brand is good, which brand of canvas shoes good [2017]?
1.Converse CONVERSE
Began in 1908, the United States, the world’s top leisure sports brand, the United States famous canvas shoes brand, which launched in 1917 All Star swept the world, and has been dominated by canvas shoes classic market
2. warrior Warrior
Founded in 1927, Shanghai city famous trademark, good wear resistant high performance national brand, canvas shoes / boots / casual shoes / sandals and other products suppliers, canvas shoes, ten brands, Shanghai warrior Shoes Co. Ltd.
3.VANS van
Founded in 1966, the United States, VF’s original “extreme sport” brand, the world’s famous sports leisure brands, extreme sports and young culture representatives brand, Wei Fu clothing (China) Co., Ltd.
4.Skechers Cage
Began in 1992 in California, the United States comfortable leisure / sports brand, men’s clothing boots started, the popular footwear products brand, Cage Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
5.PONY Boone
Founded in 1972 in the United States, the world famous canvas shoes brand, the famous American leisure sports brand, canvas shoes, ten brands, Shanghai pouyuen Sports Trading Co. Ltd.
6.crocs Chi Chi
European and American fashion brand shoes, from the United States famous brand slippers, light and durable waterproof features / / brand casual sandals, America Crocs (Crocs) Company
7. person based
Founded in 1985, Zhejiang famous brand products, rubber shoes standard drafting units, vice chairman of China Rubber Industry Association rubber shoes branch, Zhejiang people’s Shoes Co., Ltd.
8.LACOSTE crocodile
In 1933 France, lacoste under the flag of the world famous fashion brand, which is famous for its iconic polo shirt, diversified multinational enterprises, Montaigne garments (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
9. Anta ANTA
Began in 1994, sporting goods industry standard setters, sports and leisure clothing / shoes and accessories sports products Brand Company, Anta (China) Co., Ltd.
10. double star
Started in 1921, the national large-scale shoemaking enterprise group, the shoemaking industry leading enterprise, Qingdao double star celebrity industry Limited by Share Ltd

Canvas shoes brand guide

Canvas shoes is a thick soled rise in Europe, upper cover canvas shoes. By wearing a lightweight, durable, low price by the people around the world welcome. Now people wear canvas shoes has become a fashion trend, consumers in the choice, there will be a lot of doubt, canvas shoes what brand? Which brand is good for canvas shoes? Which areas of canvas shoes are the most widely distributed? Where are the canvas shoes made? What are the brands of canvas shoes such as big brand, famous brand, provincial brand and so on? In order to give consumers provide real canvas shoes market and brand accurate information industry, the following is CNPP to provide data support for your website, the statistics of canvas shoes ten brands list and related brand recommendation, for your reference.

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